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Lulu Wilson, Painter, Autodidact

Lulu Wilson was born in a tiny town called Eastport in Maine in 1970. Her mother was an aspiring painter and her father a young violinist. Her parents were beatnicks and Lulu grew up with the sounds of instruments tuning and was resident model in her mother's art studio. Her parents left Maine when Lulu was 3 and moved to their hometown of Cleveland. Lulu grew up in the gritty, though quiet and deserted, inner city and much of her work subtly reflects the impressions made on her during these years. When she was 15, her parents moved to L.A. and her introspective childhood abruptly ended. Through these stages, Lulu always drew. Drawing was a natural way for her to express herself and she amused her family and friends with her quick charcoal portraits. At the age of 16 She dropped out of high school to become an actress and, after 5 years, left that profession to go to college. She studied English at Western Washington State University and developed a love of literature and storytelling. When she came back to L.A. after college, she began teaching herself to paint. She took life drawing classes, experimented, and learned by copying masters such as Degas and Picasso among others. Her skills in copying led her to selling exacting copies for private sales. Through the struggles of making a living, Lulu kept developing as a painter, applying herself and selling her work. She has sold her paintings for private sales, movie and TV productions, and has done many portrait and non-portrait commissions. She won 2nd place in a juried show in Boston and won 2 honorable mentions in Art in the Park in Boston. She has 2 children and lives with her husband, a filmmaker, in Los Angeles and Vermont.